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Roly Poly

Roly Poly’s - Eyedentity’s Charity of Choice

What is a medical helmet for babies/young children?  That was the question we asked ourselves when we first read in a trade magazine about a wonderful sign shop in Dallas,Texas (360Wraps) who were wrapping them as their business charity. 

A medical helmet is used to re-shape a child’s head under the age of 2 as the shape of the head will be fully formed by that time.  “Flat Head Syndrome” or plagiocephaly happens partly because infants used to be put to sleep on their stomachs, but due to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) the current campaign of “Back to Sleep” has parents putting them to sleep on their backs.  This campaign has cut incidences of SIDS in half!  Another reason is that car seats and convenience carriers are now used more often than in times past. Recent research studies have shown the average 2-month-old today has spent over 700 hours (roughly half of his or her life) on their back. In the last 20 years, both the incidence and the severity of plagiocephaly have significantly increased.  There are also incidences of head trauma or head surgery that happen as an infant that require a medical helmet to re-shape the head during it’s recovery.

Photo Credit:  Cranial Technologies at http://www.cranialtech.com/ 

The Doc Band shown here is exactly how it comes to you from the clinic.  (A Doc Band is shown by Cranial Technologies, but we are not limited to just Doc Bands.  We also wrap Star Bands and Clear Helmets) As you can see, it is a bit “clinical” looking and that’s where we come in.

Eyedentity Graphics used to be involved with the “Wrap Buddies” charity, but since they closed their doors we decided that we love being involved in the community in this way so we made it our main charity and “Roly Poly’s” were born!

We currently offer 10 FREE designs for boys and 10 FREE designs for girls (shown below).  However, if you don’t see something that works for you or your tastes we do offer custom designs for a flat fee of $100.

How can I get my child’s medical helmet wrapped?

Getting your Roly Poly wrapped is a two-step process.  Once you have your medical helmet in hand we make an initial appointment that takes about 20 minutes.  We choose your design, measure the helmet, and then make another appointment for about 7-10 days later for you to come back and get it installed.

  Because your child wears the helmet 23 hours per day with a one hour break, that provides the perfect opportunity for us to use that rest period to install the new graphics.  The second appointment just has you dropping off the helmet for 60-90 minutes (depending on the level of difficulty of the custom helmet).  Then you come back, pick up your helmet and start snapping photos!

Give us a call Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm at (805)987-4780 to set up your first appointment!

Commonly Asked Questions

– Can you wrap my helmet in one appointment?  Yes and no.  If you would like a custom design we need to take measurements of the helmet prior to design and printing.  The only way we can offer a one time appointment is if you are choosing a “wallpaper” design such as little flowers, one color, or camouflage.  We prefer to get our hands on it during that first appointment, but realize the necessity of travel as we have had clients from hours away and even other states!

– Are you open on the weekends?  Sorry…only Monday through Friday.

– Can you print my favorite team or Disney Character?  Sorry…we cannot print items that are trademarked as we do not own the licensing to do so.

– How do I clean it once it’s installed?  The great news is that you just need to use the same isopropyl/rubbing alcohol that you’re using for the inside of the helmet!  The material we use on our Roly Poly’s is the same material we use on our car wraps so it can withstand the elements of babyhood like food and other messiness – just grab a washcloth with a little soap as needed!

– How long have you been wrapping medical helmets?  We’ve been wrapping medical helmets consistently since 2012.

– Can you wrap the strap?  Sorry…our material will not adhere to the strap, but we’ve seen all sorts of creative ideas pop up here from fabric paint to bedazzling so have fun!

– Can you wrap prosthetics? Yes, absolutely!

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