Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you wrap my car and pay me to drive that company’s advertising?

A: Sorry, but no. We work directly with company’s who own their own vehicles.

Q: Why should I use my marketing dollars in the form of a vehicle wrap to advertise my business?

A: Vehicle wraps are the most cost-effective mobil advertisement available. Your return on investment simply cannot be matched by any other form of marketing. Our own company vehicles bring us more business than our website and referrals combined.

Q: What materials are used for my vehicle wraps?

A: 3M180cV3 is an industry standard and has been proven over the years to hold up the best.

Q: Which prompts the question of how long will my wrap last?

A: If we start with good, OEM paint the standard longevity is 3-5 years. When you look at the money spent over the time it lasts, it’s a bargain!

Q: Does it matter what color my car is?

A: No, although we prefer the black, white or silver if you’re purchasing with a wrap in mind. A car wrap is not translucent, it is opaque so you cannot see through it. If you look at Eyedentity’s wrapped vehicles you can see the Toyota Tacoma which is actually white and the Nissan Xterra which is silver.

Q: Can you wrap the front side windows or the windshield?

A: State laws prohibit the use of wraps on driver and passenger windows, as well as the windshield. However, we can put a small strip across the top of the windshield.

Q: What if I change my company logo or phone number in the future?

A: No problem! We can print logos, phone numbers, even websites as overlays on the existing wrap so that they may be removed and replaced. Once the the full wrap or overlays are installed on the vehicle they cannot be removed and then used again.

Q: Do you wrap the roof?

A: Generally, we do not wrap roofs on larger vehicles such as vans, trucks, SUV’s and trailers unless specifically requested. We recommend wrapping the roof on smaller cars for uniformity.

Q: Do you offer design/artwork for my wrap project?

A: Absolutely! We would love to help you create a unique wrap just for you. You will be provided a proof prior to printing.

Q: How long does the entire process take?

A: While it depends on the size of the wrap, once the design process is completed and approved we usually wrap within 1-2 weeks. Eyedentity Graphics is committed to completing your wrap in a timely manner.